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“Her smile so lit” written by Frandriguez Chapter 17.

“Friends how many of us have them?”A great line on a classic old hip hop song from WHODINI. According to an article written by CW Headley published on most people on average make 3 friends for life. In the article a friend is defined by 2 key factors trust and honesty. Some of our closest friends may not be locally available but these are the ones you might call to share your good news or misfortunes.

I met an aspiring singer named Deliana through a mutual colleague named Heraldo who I was introduced to by my ex girlfriend Debbie. Deliana was a beauty, she was a tan skin Puerto Rican girl with a Victoria Secret models body and at one point she even worked at a Victoria Secret store in Ybor City.

She was being scouted by Heraldo an aspiring Cuban hip hop producer and rap artist. Heraldo referred to himself as Tealow. I convinced him to change the spelling of his name so that it would be short for Estilo which in Spanish means “style.” Estilo was recruiting artists to join his group he was putting together and I myself was one of them. He talked about an inheritance he would be receiving from his late father and that he would be able to use it to fund his dream of building a record company.

Estilo and I became good friends but I noticed he did not trust many people and would suffer from major anxiety. We recorded a song titled “Who Can You Trust?” There was one time we were promoting our music at a club, Estilo had convinced the disk jockey to play his song. I was hyped and so was another good friend of ours named Mohammed who we called Chico. Chico was a tall Palestinian man who was appealing to the ladies and could be considered the “muscle” of the group. Chico and I would become very good friends.

At the club Estilo stayed away from the crowd the entire night and I remember him sweating like someone with withdrawals from medicine. He later explained he suffered from social anxiety. That has to be pretty tough to deal with. I’m glad the night I met those three special ladies at the club in clear water I didn’t suffer from anxiety, although I was on benzo’s that night which counter any type of anxiety. I remember approaching “Take My Breath Away, ” with no fear. She had a look of excitement as she gave me a big smile, impressed by my display of confidence.

Estilo and Deliana had a sort of romance that never made it to fruition. I remember the first time I heard Deliana sing at her parents home. She was nervous and asked that we all listened from a separate room. She chose to sing the song “Killing Me Softly With His Song,” sang by LAURYN HILL on the FUGEES album THE SCORE, I had goosebumps.

The strength and soul of Deliana’s voice was very moving, I knew she would become the biggest star of the group. I was extremely delighted by that thought and happy to be a part of this group of artists Estilo had put together. However at a party we all attended together Estilo and Deliana would end their business relationship, friendship, and romance.

Deliana had showed up to the party with her group of friends and at some point Estilo and her had a vocal exchange. Estilo had used a derogatory term to refer to Deliana and her friends and Deliana took major offense. I believe Estilo’s unusual behavior was due to another group of women who came to the party who he had more interest in. I never saw Estilo speak to a woman like that before or after that night. Estilo was a huge fan of producer Dr. DRE at the time and had been listening to his music, one song in particular “Bitches Ain’t Shit.” I believe this was the root of his unusual demeanor that evening. Deliana would remain friends with Chico and I.

Estilo was also tall and the ladies liked him, he was very light skin due to mainly staying indoors and coming out at night to avoid large crowds. My ex girlfriend Debbie and I moved in together and her sister Marcy came to stay with us for a while.

One morning while Debbie was at work Marcy came into the bathroom while I was showering. She moved the shower curtain and said “can you help me with this?” I quickly rinsed the shampoo out of my hair and saw Marcy’s back was turned toward me. She was topless and wearing thin panties so that she looked completely naked. I couldn’t believe what was happening, my girlfriends sister was tempting me.

I felt a rise from me and Marcy said “please, help me with my bra.” As I helped fasten Marcys bra extender she reached back and grabbed me. Marcy was well endowed and her backside was very full. I couldn’t move, I stood stiff. Marcy walked out of the bathroom and into the bedroom where she had music playing…Marcy turned the stereo up.

I knew this was just wrong and we would get caught and just as all of these thoughts were climaxing in my head. The front door downstairs opened and Debbie yelled “Marcy where are you?!”

I turned the shower knob to the cold position and slowly I began to feel a cool calming from me. Debbie came into the restroom and opened the shower curtain. She looked at me with those beautiful gold hazel eyes and said “are you happy to see me?” Debbie undressed and hopped into the shower with me.

I needed some help with this problem, I didn’t want difficulties with Debbie. Being that Marcy a half Cuban and half Puerto Rican brunette who had recently moved from Puerto Rico was a single and hot woman in need of a male suitor to cool her off, I called Estilo. Marcy had a crush on him so I invited him over that night.

Debbie and I were in the next door neighbors house when Estilo arrived. Estilo told me he knocked on the front door and Marcy greeted him then let him inside where she proceeded to pull him on top of her on the living room carpet and they began having sex. Wow, Marcy was definitely in need of a man and I am glad Estilo was available to help me with my problem. He was a good friend for that.

Deliana and I had become very close friends, she particularly didn’t like if women I dated took advantage of me or mistreated me and was vocal about that. She had learned of the drama between Debbie and I and frankly felt I could do much better. Deliana also made herself available whenever I needed her.

When I was working for a telecommunications company a banquet was held for the companies top performers and I was among them. I asked Deliana if she would accompany me and she said “yes!” She wore a formal red dress that accented her figure and she looked absolutely amazing. I wore a fancy suit and top hat that gave the impression that I had a master key to any room numbered 112.

Deliana loved to dance and she was so good at it. She got on the dance floor and line danced with the rest of the guests, she shook her tail feather with some of my colleagues, and even slow danced with me. She really made me look good at that banquet. The Director of the company approached us toward the end of the banquet and with a big smile said to Deliana “you have a real keeper here, he is one of our best.” Deliana gave my director a warm smile and said “Yes, thank you, ” and I was filled with incredible joy.

There was a moment during our friendship when Deliana and I discussed the idea of becoming a couple. I had been with several women during my break ups from Debbie and Deliana was well aware of this. Deliana was also dating at that time and things were going well for her. She said to me “What if something happens?” She didn’t sound confident about the idea and I realized I did not want to risk losing our friendship. I was always happy in Deliana’s company, I consider her like a sister and we would become life long friends.

Debbie called me one day while we were broken up and requested that we meet up. I hadn’t seen her in a few months and wondered how she was doing so I agreed. I met up with her near Raymond James Stadium in Tampa. A friend accompanied her named Sophie and she was gorgeous. She had dark straight hair and an impressive figure that made it challenging not to take a double or even triple look at her.

Sophie was Mexican and her mother was also with her that day, she gave me a big smile and said in her accent “so your the man that she has been telling me so much about?” I chuckled and said “I hope only good things.” Debbie was looking at me with such desire in her eyes. I thought to myself this woman can’t get enough of me. Sophie smiled and in Spanish said “si!”

Debbie started staying over my place again and Sophie and her had become good friends. One day Sophie spent the night at my place and in the morning she took a shower. Debbie asked me to bring her a change of clothes. I went to the bathroom and Sophie was standing in the shower with just a towel covering her. She gave me a smile and looked gaped with desire. She reached over to grab her clothes and the towel started coming undone.

The top of the towel lowered enough to where I could see her breasts almost entirely as she caught the towel with her other hand and began covering herself. Her eyes began to focus around my waist area and I began to have an overwhelming feeling. I exited the bathroom to the entrance of the bedroom where Debbie was waiting and Debbie took one look at me and asked “is everything ok?” I said “everything is better now that your here honeybun.” Debbie laughed and said “what are you waiting for come inside?,” as she stretched herself out on the bed.

I knew I had another potential problem on my hands with Sophie, so I called up my friend Chico. I invited Chico over to my place to hang out with Debbie, Sophie, and myself. I introduced Chico to Sophie and I could see they had an immediate attraction to one another. By the way Sophie looked at him it was like the song “OMG” by USHER started playing in her head. I knew Chico would be able to resolve my problem.

Chico was a great friend of mine we had many adventures together and one of our most memorable moments together was watching the Tampa Bay Bucaneers win their first Super Bowl together, we had so much fun.

I wonder what type of adventures “Pretty Fine Thing,” “Take My Breath Away,” and “Made You Look” had together or apart. I wonder how they would have reacted if I had Estilo and Chico with me the night we met. I’m sure it would have been a similar scene to that of the description Sean Combs gave on the Notorius B.I.G. song “BIG POPPA.”

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